The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

I read this book as part of our book club. This book tells the story of Harold Fry, who is walking from Devon to Yorkshire to visit his sick friend. Harold has never done anything out of the ordinary. His life is very predicatbale, but one morning he receives a letter from Queenie Hennessy, an old friend and work colleague, telling him that she has cancer. He writes a letter in return and sets of for the post box, but he keeps on walking and walking and walking.

The book is about marriage and friendship, family and life in general. What I like about the book is that the author describes the landscape he is walking through very vividly and mixes what Harold sees with reflections about his past and then brings it back to the present moment. I am a Coleridge scholar and the way this book is written reminds me very much of that style. Other people have compared the style to Thomas Hardy, who used a very similar way of incooperating the landscape and nature in his novels. I highly recommend this book.



The Impr0bability Of Love


This book took me quite a while to read. It is a murder mystery mixed with a love story and paintings. The story features many different people and each chapter is told by a different person. Even a painting is describing its journey through the ages. One of the Marion characters is Annie, an aspiring chef, who after a breakup finds herself rearranging her life. Then there is Memling Winkelman a holocaust survivor, or is he?

The book is beautifully written and I imagine it needed a lot of research about paintings and artists. It captures the reader on many levels. I highly recommend this book.

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The real me


I saw this quote on Facebook during the week and it made me think. Who is the ‘real me’. I find I am adapting to so many different situations that I have lost what is essentially me. At the core I’d like to think that I am a caring warm hearted person. I think that I am realisable and when I do a job I give it 100%. In the past few weeks there have been people that have been doubting this and question my dedication and realisability. Then I saw this quote and thought, well instead of trying really hard to prove to them what the real me is like, I let them see what they want, as they don’t deserve to know the real me. I found that quite liberating and instead of getting stressed and worried about being misunderstood, I was able to invest my time on my website, my new venture, where the real me has finally a place where it can shine.

Thank you everybody for reading this. You are seeing the real me, because you deserve it!!!


A friend of mine told me this week that we are all controlled by fear. I don’t agree with that at all. If you have seen the film ‘Inside out’ you know that we are controlled by several emotions. In the film ‘Joy’, ‘Anger’, ‘Sadness’, ‘Disgust’ and ‘Fear’ are all working the control board in the brain. The film has a clear message that joy can’t exist without sadness and that fear stops us from doing stupid things or hurting ourselves.

The film also shows what happens when emotions ‘go missing’. ‘Sadness’ and ‘Joy’ get lost in the brain. They are taken out of head quarters by mistake and throughout the film they are trying to get back to headquarters. In the meantime ‘Disgust’, ‘Anger’ and ‘Fear’ are in charge and they are really messing with Riley’s life. This shows me that when only part of our emotions are working, things aren’t right. So if fear was in charge all the time we wouldn’t be able to function normally. But then again what is normal?

I have to admit that recently my head seems to be controlled by anger. I also thought that throughout the last few years, sadness and anger were more dominant emotions in my life. It made me think what do I actually fear? There is an existential fear of losing my job, without which I had no money and so on. What else do I fear or am I scared of? What are you scared of? Do you think you are controlled by fear?


When God was A Rabbit

This book was part of our Wednesday book club. It isn’t one I would have chosen. The book is split into two parts. The first part describes the childhood of Elly and her brother Joe. It describes their friendship with their best friends. Ella’s best friend is called Jenny Penny and Joe’s is called Charlie. The friendships differ in a significant way as Joe’s and Charlie are romantically involved.
The second part is about their adult life and the way the relationship to their friends has changed.
The book doesn’t really have a conclusion and it failed to touch me on an emotional level. In other words I didn’t really care about the characters and what happened to them. Other reviews say that the book will make you laugh out loud…well I never did, sorry Sarah Winman

A Street Cat Named Bob

I read this book as I saw an advert for the movie and I prefer to read the book first. I liked the honesty in the book. James Bowen describes his struggles with drug addiction and living on the streets and how one day a cat, he calls Bob, comes into his life and gives him a purpose again. It is a book about second chances and how animals can be better than a therapist.
Thumbs up for this book 👍