The real me


I saw this quote on Facebook during the week and it made me think. Who is the ‘real me’. I find I am adapting to so many different situations that I have lost what is essentially me. At the core I’d like to think that I am a caring warm hearted person. I think that I am realisable and when I do a job I give it 100%. In the past few weeks there have been people that have been doubting this and question my dedication and realisability. Then I saw this quote and thought, well instead of trying really hard to prove to them what the real me is like, I let them see what they want, as they don’t deserve to know the real me. I found that quite liberating and instead of getting stressed and worried about being misunderstood, I was able to invest my time on my website, my new venture, where the real me has finally a place where it can shine.

Thank you everybody for reading this. You are seeing the real me, because you deserve it!!!

2 thoughts on “The real me

  1. Haha … good on you Britta! Well said! This brings to mind the wonderful quote: Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter, don’t mind. ~ Bernard M. Baruch. I’m also learning and facing that truth. All the best to you.

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