No body’s perfect

Yesterday I heard an interview on radio with Alison Lapper, who was talking about a TV program called: “Nobody’s perfect”. Alison has no arms and very short legs and she and the artist Rankin got together for the TV program about people with, ‘not so perfect’ bodies’. But as we all know ‘no body’s perfect’, hence the title of their program.

This made me think. Why do we perceive other body’s as perfect, except our own. I believe this is not just a female thing. The media forces their image of a perfect body down our throats, wherever we look. But that’s not the only root of the problem. The other one is self believe and self love I belief. I can speak for myself here by saying I have great self doubt and am my hardest judge. I think I am fat and ugly. So the other day when I had an MRI scan done and the guy that does the scan was super nice to me afterwards, as I panicked in an enclosed space, I didn’t even realise what was happening. I felt like fainting and he took me into the corridor sat me down and gave me water. he asked me if I was with someone and I thought he meant that day to take me home, which I wasn’t, when he then told me that ‘such a good looking lady’ shouldn’t be by herself I was flustered. i put my shoes on in a hurry thanked him for looking after me and went on my way. Only later when I sat in the car did I realise that he was hitting on me. i became bright red again, as this is so alien to me, as I cannot see anybody wanting to go out with me, or thinking I am ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’. As I don’t belief I am good looking, i can’t take compliments either, as I always think they are lying or being sarcastic and I often miss a genuine comment. i read a lot of books about self love but it is hard work. My brain has been programmed since a very young age to think I ma fat and ugly, even my parents reinforced this almost on a daily basis.

A friend of mine said the other day that he sees the minds of people and that’s what makes them beautiful, but when we meet somebody for the first time, all we see is the outside? how do we know they have a beautiful mind. Same the other way round. i really fancy Pierce Brosnan, but he might, for all I know, be an arrogant arse, but I don’t know that as I never spoke to him, unfortunately 😉

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, a famous person ones said. I think that is true. And there is no measure for beauty either. So my friends who read this blog: Go out and be beautiful xxx


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