Well trodden paths


My friend was dog sitting last week and we went on a walk with the three little chaps. As I am not a dog owner I tend to normally stay on the well trodden paths. The place where she was dog sitting was beautiful on the Dorset coast, the Hardy county. During our walk we climbed over a few stiles, but stayed mainly on the footpath, all be it grassy and at times muddy. We came to a field with sheep in and my friend suggested to come of the path and walk through the grass, so that the dogs wouldn’t start chasing the sheep. The grass was quite high and really, really wet and although I was wearing my walking shoes, my socks ended up completely soggy. This made me think about life. Of course it is easier to stay on the path others have walked before you. i remember when I was a teenager and my parents didn’t want me to do A-level as they never done it, or when it comes to starting a new job and you get trained by a person who has always done it a certain way. of course these things are tried and tested and proved successful, but what about coming of the well trodden path and trying something new. yes it is harder to start with as you making a brand new path and you are fighting your way through, but in the end you can look back at this new path and proudly say: I did that! I started something new and now many people are taking the same path.

This has also got something to do with leaving your mark in this world. Many people are happy to stay on safe paths, and that is ok, others like to make a mark and walk ways that haven’t been walked before. Of course this is scary in the beginning, but also exciting. I feel the same about writing, or any form of art. I would like my writing to make a difference and it has take me to a completely new path, every new follower that reads my blog is one more step on the path I haven’t gone before and it feels good. Just like at the ned of the walk, although I was completely exhausted, it felt good.

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