Celebrate your strengths

I had a ‘Performance ‘ meeting with my line manager today. He gave me a form, which looked very modern. It had colourful printing, and even stars, on both sides 😉 As you can imagine one of the questions was: What are your weaknesses? What could you improve? And another question was: What are your strengths? What achievements are you particularly proud of?  I found the question about my weaknesses very easy to answer and filled the box in no time. When it came to my strengths I was struggling a bit. My manager wanted me to give at least three strengths. Mmmmhh I finally had to admit to myself that I am a very organised person. Not OCD organised but, without sounding big headed, I am quite efficient in what I do. I thought about this all day. In the past when people commented on my organisational skills I used to laugh it off and not really take it as a compliment. But hey I realised today: I am very organised and that is good! Why is it so hard to admit our strengths but so easy to find our faults. Some people, me included, are their own worst critics. Don’t be so harsh on yourself! The world and other people are already hard on you. Celebrate your strengths. It took me a long time to come to this conclusion. Start tomorrow, celebrate your strengths xxx!

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