It’s ok to be still

Today I went to Glastonbury. Having lived in Somerset for 10 years before moving to Dorset, I still feel drawn to this place. I walked through town first and bought a few things and then I decided I needed some quiet time, just sitting still. So I went to Chalice Well gardens. I tried a few spots and a few benches but couldn’t calm my mind, I felt restless, so I walked up, where there is an open spaces with several benches spread out and found a seat under a birch tree. People that know me well know that I am always on the go. I find it difficult to sit down still. I think this has something to do with my childhood, where my parents always called me lazy when I sat down to read, or draw etc. So I carry that feeling with me today. Sitting still for me is associated with being lazy. I got a lot to learn I know 😉

So as I sat on the bench I closed my eyes and just listened to the sounds and took deep breaths. I could smell the leaves, the distinct smell of autumn, which I love. I could hear the wind moving the leaves gently, there were also a few birds singing. While I sat there hoping for some kind of sign from the universe, all I could think was: It’s ok to be still! That’s all I was thinking. I was hoping for some deep inspiration for a novel, or a solution for my current job situation, but all I was thinking was: It’s ok to be still. I sat there for 20 minutes just enjoying the moment and realised how little I do that. Actually never. So from today on I will make a point of being ‘mindfully still’ every day, to give my brain and my body a breather, and maybe, who knows, the inspiration I am so longing for will follow. I just need to give it a chance 😉


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