Frozen for the future

I just heard on the news that a 14 year old, who was dying of cancer, won a court case, to freeze her body and be woken up in the future when or if they find a cure for cancer. My first reaction was: Why? Then I thought about it. of course when you die of cancer when you are 14 years old your life was cut very short and there are many experiences that are taken away from you by this evil disease. I can see why you want a second chance or go at life, if you are that age. But then there was a woman on the radio in her 50’s who said she would also like to be frozen when she dies and be woken up in the future. She also said that she doesn’t mind that there won’t be anyone around she knows. Now that is wrong in my opinion. I feel that death gives our life meaning and we have to accept that we are mortal. Well some religions believe that we are reborn, but that is different to ‘fiddling’ with nature. I myself would not want to be woken up in the future. I found this life hard enough and the challenges the universe throws at me every day are quite enough for one lifetime. I am worried about the effect this would have on humanity. The power that would give some people. Just imagine Donald Trump being woken up again in 100 years.

Maybe I have an old fashioned attitude but if your number is up it is up. As you know I lost two people very dear to me and of course I wished I had more time with them. Imagine the cost as well if everybody gets frozen when they die and not buried. Where are they going to store all those people. Are there going to be skyscraper fridges? And what is if it doesn’t work ?(pessimistic me 😉 ) So I am saying it here in black and white, please do not freeze me when I die!

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