I need some Inspiration

Today I am writing because I need your help. I am feeling drained and tired as my job has sucked all my energy from me in the past week. I used to be able to compartmentalise and create ‘work free’ time to be creative, but it hasn’t worked this week. The storm Angus had caused chaos within the cruise ship industry and the ship I look after had to stay two days in the port, which doubled my workload.

Today was my only day off this week and I did nothing! Seriously nothing. I didn’t even read or draw. I felt empty all day. I normally go outside for a walk to clear my head, but today I was lying on the sofa wrapped in a blanket and did nothing. I need some inspiration, but I don’t know where or how to get it. I need your help with this. What to you do when you need inspiration? Any tips will be appreciated. Are there any activities you do to be inspired? Are there books on inspiration? Thank you in advance.

8 thoughts on “I need some Inspiration

  1. I suggest that you turn off all electronic devices on your day off, so that you get 24 hours of peace.
    Meditate in the morning and let the stress of the week drain away from your body and mind. You can walk in the forest or along the beach and meditate.
    You need to re-engage with your passions in life. Play the guitar, write music or poetry.
    Try a new hobby or experience something new like Bikram Yoga.
    As Paul the Alien says,’sometimes you just have to roll the dice’…!

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    • Hi. Thank you. I found a yoga class I will try tomorrow. In the past I always preferred cardio sports, but due to several injuries and operations I will give yoga a go. I’ll let you know how it goes. Just worried as I have no balance. This will probably be good for me 👍


  2. A cup of tea and some Szymborska always does the trick for me. If you don’t know her poems I’m jealous of you because they are so warm and wise and funny… Best wishes, Nick

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  3. Doing nothing is sometime exactly what you need. Creativity comes when there is no pressure to perform. Its fun and well…creative. Your body doesn’t lie to you, it wants to wrap itself in a blanket and do nothing, you acknowledge you feel drained…resting will help. Once you feel energised do what you like to do, walking in the woods, by the sea or continue to stay warm in this weather with a good book. The right book always seems to find you at the right time I always find xx

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