When I went through my photo library, I rediscovered this picture which I took in May. I took it because the tree reminded me of how I felt, well and still feel. I feel without roots. I feel ‘unrooted’ or ‘rootless’. I moved from Germany to England at the age of 22, that was 16 years ago now, and I feel I never really spread my roots here. I felt like I was replanted but never really felt ‘home’ here. This is not quite true. I lived n Wincanton for 10years and that was actually a ‘home’ to me, but through the death f my friend I lost my safe place, and am still drifting around. Not having roots or feeling at home can be quite damaging, as it affects your strength. When you are not rooted every tiny bit of wind can blow you all over the place. Some people don’t have roots on purpose. They feel free traveling around. I guess those people are rooted within themselves and that’s what I am missing. I am not grounded within myself and I really need to learn how to do this. But I also feel your surroundings play a big part in that, or maybe not? I ‘uprooted’ myself 16 years ago and I feel I have grown a lot, well not really in height 😉 so if I was as rootless as I feel, I couldn’t have grown right? So maybe it’s just my perception that I am not grounded and I need to change that???

2 thoughts on “Uprooted

  1. You may like to look at the work of Colin Kingshot. He can hear the symphony that the plant kingdom give off (we all can on a subconscious level). He would record a sample of your voice and it would show which notes (relating to chakras as far as I can tell) that you are missing. If for example you were missing your base notes (chakra point/grounding) then you would select to work with plants that give off that note until you balanced. I recall tall trees in a forest being a good port of call for base notes. People who walk in the woods often do a great deal of thinking. Sometimes people sit upon the base of a tree. He also has captured plant essences in bottles. He does a lot of work in Scandinavian countries with kids with ADHD who are missing the notes in their throat chakra, the plants they choose to work with rectify this. Reiki also works well for grounding, maybe time for your first attunement 😉

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