Day 7 #100happydays


Today I had my Reiki attunement. It was a great experience and I hope it will help me on my way of finding my true path.

I think the Reiki principles are a fantastic guideline to get through every day:


Thank you Georgina, for making these energies available to me.

What I found most surprising was that I always thought my spirit animal was a bear, because I wanted it to be a bear, but during a meditation it turned out that my spirit animal is actually a wolf. And when I looked up the meaning I was even more surprised:

A wolf symbolises high intelligence and a strong connection with your instincts and intuition.

Wow I am exited to be able to use Reiki now to help myself.

One thought on “Day 7 #100happydays

  1. The bear may still be one of your animal guides, they come in and out of your life as you experience different things and need different attributes or strengths. The wolf wanted to guide you on this part of your journey. I saw the wolf for you, but I didn’t really know I saw it until you told me. Still getting used to the connection thing 😉

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