Day 11 #100happydays Nikolaustag­čÄů­čĆ╗

Today is ‘Nikolaustag’ and I saw on Facebook that many of my German friends had their boots filled with chocolate. It made me feel a bit homesick as I am still not in the festive spirit. I met my friend Georgina in town earlier and she gave me this lovely present:


I have been looking for exactly this card set in ages and Georgina said she had one spare. It made my day. Thank you x

2 thoughts on “Day 11 #100happydays Nikolaustag­čÄů­čĆ╗

  1. Was it the same set you were looking for? Brilliant. Thanks for being patient and waiting for me to get there. Hope you enjoy the cards (better than a lump of coal hey) xx

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