12 lessons & 12 lessons later by Kate Spencer


I read these two books whilst on holiday. 12 lessons started a bit slow and I was wondering where it might be going, but it picks up after a while. Both books are ‘spiritual’ books in my opinion and focus mainly on the ‘Law of attraction’. In the first book Steph, the main character, finds her life in pieces. She goes and sees a carrot card reader called Sue and the first 12 lessons are given to her in that reading. each month Steph will encounter one of these lessons which help her to get her life back on track.

The second book continues after the first 12 lessons. I can’t give too much away if you haven’t read the first one yet. The second book reminds Steph of the first 12 lessons and adds 12 more into the mix. These aren’t on a time schedule like the first 12. I thought after the first book that the second one might not be as touching and meaningful, but i was wrong. Both books have a lot to give and really make you think about what you, or your thoughts are attracting into your life. At some point the feelings she was describing hit me at a very personal level and I could really relate to Steph.

The cover on the front of the book mentions ‘chicklit’. Well yes the book is written for women, but it is not checklist as such. I would call it a spiritual book. it doesn’t really fit into the self help category but it certainly gives you a push in the ‘right’ direction.

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