I am sure I am not the only one on the last day of the year reflecting over what has happened and also thinking of the year ahead. I am not going to bore you with my intentions for 2017. I’d rather talk about something I read just last night in a book about a shamanic journey.

The story of the book is about a young woman called Fay, who has lost the joy of life and is stuck in a routine and a job she doesn’t love. The reason I like this book is because I can imagine exactly how life feels for Fay. After meeting a shamanic teacher her life begins to change. She is asked the question if she loves her job. Her answer is no. Well she doesn’t hate her job it serves a purpose and pays the bills, but she does not do her work with love. This really strikes a chord with me, but I guess there are millions of people in the world who feel like this. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all do a job we do with love? The other question Fay is asked is what is her purpose in this life? She is sure it isn’t washing up cups in an office. She reflects back on her life and discovers that when she was younger she always wanted to work with old people. She remembers when she was on work experience how she loved going to work every day.

I have changed my job twice this year and still have not found my purpose. I can feel it. I am trying to take time out and meditate and think of what I could be doing, but the answer is quite simple.I have been given several signs over the years that I should be writing. The problem is writing something. Every day I come up with new reasons why I can’t. The biggest hurdle of all is me! I have always lacked in confidence and self believe and this is the mayor point I am going to work on in 2017. I need to be open to the possibility that I may be good at writing and I really need to start loving myself. I guess it’s a start that I have noticed it, now I really need to do something about it. For 2017 I would like to be the best I can be.

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