This post follows on from yesterday’s. I said that I wasn’t sure what my purpose is in this life. Today I bought this book. It is called: ‘In The Garden of Happiness’. The picture at the top shows the page that I found most fitting. Firstly because I mentioned it yesterday and secondly I have really been struggling finding the moments that bring joy to my life. I started the #100happydays, but this didn’t really help. Apart from food or drink nothing really brought me joy. The picture above talks about ‘moments’. It also says ‘fill your days’… so does this mean I have to fill my days with joyful moments? This sounds like hard work. So far I have been looking out for random moments of joy. Maybe that’s where I have been going wrong.

‘When you feed your hard with things that delight you, they will illuminate your path to happiness’. Tomorrow is Monday. This is my busiest day of the week. I will have to try very very hard to find joyful moments, or better, create some joyful moments. Wish me luck x

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