Is addiction hereditary?

My mum told me last week that she gave up smoking in November 2016. She apparently attended a seminar where she was told that addiction is hereditary. Now I think that is bullshit. In my immediate family my sister, my dad my mum smoked or used to smoke. My grandmother on my mothers side never smoked, my aunt and my grand dad did. My grand dad was also an alcoholic. If it really was hereditary why don’t my nan or I smoke then? My mum was told at this seminar that there is some part at the back of the brain pre-programmed to addiction and that it is hard work to re-program your brain if this part is prone to addiction. Again, I think this sounds like rubbish to me. But maybe there are some science fans out there who agree with that theory and can explain it better to me? I think it has something to do with will power, but maybe this is just easy to say for me as I was never addicted to a harmful substance? If you have a few on this or know some more facts please feel free to comment as I find this quite interesting. I may just add that I am not a very sciency person and you may  have to keep your explanation simple 😉

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