Songs and Memories


Tonight I went to see the movie ‘Sing’. I really enjoyed it and was singing along to most songs. Towards the end when it comes to the big performance, the finale, the mouse, who is into swing, sings ‘My way’ and my floodgates open. Although my dearest friend and soulmate died in 2014, this song was played at his funeral as it really really describes his life, plus he was a massive Frank Sinatra fan. I can’t control it. Every time I hear this song I cry. When it starts on the radio I turn it off. I listen to it in private moments when I can let emotions and memories run freely.

There are so many positive, negative, happy and indeed sad moments in my life that are accompanied by a certain song. Sometimes when I hear a song by chance I remember the moment. Other moments have a chosen song that will stick in my memory and will be forever associated with that particular moment. ‘High’ by the Lighthouse family is one of those songs that makes me smile, as me and two of my friends did a dance on rollerblades on that and just made everybody laugh. That shattered my hopes to ever perform in ‘Starlight Express’ 😀.

Do you have certain songs you associate with particular moments?

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