Dear Health Care Provider…

As many of you know, I live in the UK and our health care provider is the NHS. As many of you know it has gone down hill and it has got even worse since the announcement of the Brexit.

…Last year in October I was submitted to hospital with severe lower abdominal pain. I was kept in hospital for two days. An ultrasound scan showed nothing, so the specialist doctor decided to put me on a trial of injections that shuts down the functions of my ovaries. The side affects of that was going through early menopause. I was meant to have 4 injections and see a specialist again on December the 29th. As that appointment was unmovable I cut my Christmas holiday short and returned specifically for that appointment, only to find that my gynecologist was on holiday and his replacement was a useful as a chocolate teapot. Anyway she told me that I will need a hysterectomy and will be put on a waiting list, but I would have to see the consultant before. There was me thinking she was a consultant??? Anyway I received an appointment for the 9th March. This was at the time 2 months away. Just for a chat with the consultant! Anyway last week I found myself in unbearable pain again. My GP admitted me to hospital and I was seen by a junior doctor who diagnosed me with acute appendicitis. There was one problem…my appendix was taken out 20 years ago! Great confidence in the system…

Anyway I was taken to a ward were I spend three days and two nights. They did yet another ultra sound and found ….nothing. I told them that they wouldn’t but they don’t listen! The junior doctor came to see me on the Friday to say that my ultra sound was fine and I should go home, but I was lying there crying in pain and unable to move until the nurse pointed out to him that I was in no fit state to go anywhere. I demanded to see a senior consultant. Low and behold the next day three doctors turned up. The oldest looking one told me that before taking anything out he would like to do key hole surgery to see what’s going on. Finally I thought somebody talking sense. In the next sentence he told me that the waiting list for that is 12 weeks. I thought I was going to explode. I told him that I was in pain now and that I needed him to look now. He then suggested to up my dose of morphine to get on top of the pain. I told him that I  didn’t want morphine I wanted to know what’s going on. He then replied that my ultra sound showed nothing! I then told him that an ultra sound does not show everything. It does not show ovarian cancer, adhesions, or endometriosis. He laughed and told me I was being dramatic and that my blood was also ok. I told him that adhesions, endometriosis do not show in the blood. He told me that I will have to wait, as he wants to operate and that there is a waiting list. I am so frustrated with this stupid system here. What else has to happen for them to actually do something??? Do I need to bleed?

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