Pleading with God

I had to spend three days in hospital last week. It was a six bed hospital room and I was by far the youngest. In the bed opposite was a 95 year old lady. She had a chest infection and was very very confused. She didn’t know where she was and why she was there. Nobody came to visit her. The hospital was waiting for a bed on the geriatric ward to become available. She cried during the night and was pleading with God: Please come and get me Lord. Please take me. I can’t do this anymore. What have I done wrong? Why do you punish me so. Please make me go to sleep forever!

It made me think. Even in her confused state she still remembered God. Her faith must have been strong throughout the years. God is the only one that can give her relive from her pains. To be absolutely honest I can fully understand her wish to die. At 95 she has had enough and wants to rest. And why is God doing that to her, if there is a God? Sometimes people say that you don’t die because God still has a purpose for you. Really? What world changing purpose has this ill old woman? I am not sounding mean,  but having heard and seen the suffering and pain of this woman I am truly asking the Why? question.

I used to be a Christian and was very active in our local parish, but my beliefs have changed over the years for that very reason: If there is an almighty God, why the unnecessary suffering? There are other reasons for my stepping off the ‘Christian train’, but this is one of them.

4 thoughts on “Pleading with God

  1. The way I heard it that makes the most sense is that this planet is based on duality – yin/yang, dark/light etc. For a soul to come here and have a lifetime, they have many chances to evolve spiritually and learn lots whilst here – lets face it noone has an easy life. its not about easy or perhaps we would have picked another planet or stayed as energy wherever that may be. We ticked the boxes or signed an agreement before coming down here to go through the experiences we do – which creates the circumstances to evolve, if we choose. So sometimes when it seems absolutely heartbreaking on a physical level, on a spiritual level there is something deeper going on, even though it may be as simple as accepting things or letting go (which is not always simple in reality). We all will die (biologically speaking), most of us suffer one way or another, but what seems to be a common thread is that there is still love and compassion around all these events. Here is this lady who is 95 and you have written about her, showing your love and compassion for her. It will have touched other people too, nurses and doctors there or other patients. I have sent healing to her upon reading your blog. There is light when there is dark, although it may not feel like it. It may not even be her lesson, but yours. It may be for you to explore your spirituality and that was her last agreement. Look forward to seeing you soon xxx

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