Fluting for horses


Blog post available:  https://paintedhorse.org.uk/…/…/capture-the-moment-in-sound/

This week I have been playing my flute in a yard with three horse. It was a really great experience. My two friends (who also have websites on here and I will post their links at the end of this blog) are Equine therapists. They use horses in therapy sessions with humans. On Monday I took my flute to the yard. As you can see from the video (link above), to start with i stood a bit further away from the three horses. i didn’t want to be in their faces, so to speak. But as I was playing one horse after the other came really close and their little whiskers touched the end of the flute. I think they could feel the vibration of the flute. They all had a little moment with me and the flute and then they stood the other side of the yard listening. When I stopped playing they stood still for a while. They appeared to be very relaxed. After that my two friends put up the Reiki bed in the middle of the yard and asked me to lie on it. They covered me with a fury blanket, which seemed to freak out the female horse. She was scared and wanted to get away. I had to sit up and show her that I was a person and not an alien 😉 I closed my eyes and my friend did Reiki on me. Now I don’t really know what happened but i could feel one horse pushing the blanket of me with his nose. A moment later i could feel a horse very close to my right ear and later at my left ear. I could also feel a horse at my feet. But it felt to me as if they mostly spend time at my head.

If I was to interpret that in some sort of way is that they may have felt hat there is a lot going on in my head and they wanted to send me some healing to hat area. It is true that there is a lot going on in my head. It never really stops and thoughts are tumbling over each other and lately due to my recent stay in hospital I felt very down and let down by the system and maybe the horses were giving me a bit of healing back, after I gave them a little play on my flute. It was an amazing day, which gave me a new idea which has been simmering inside me for a while I just didn’t know how to use it…Stay tuned for more on that subject 😉

Here are the links to my friends websites. They are both amazing and very kind and intuitive people. I can highly recommend them!!!

Georgina McBurney on: https://junipernaturaltherapies.wordpress.com/

Livvy Adams on: https://paintedhorse.org.uk/


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