Yes I didn’t spell Entertainment incorrectly I would like to talk about Entrainment.On my recent course about sound therapy I read about Entrainment. It describes the effect of energy being naturally attracted to the strongest energy in the immediate area. It does not matter off the stronger energy is good or bad but we will synchronise with it. I find this quite interesting. I learned recently that absolutely everything is energy, even thoughts. The theory of Entrainment is quite important in this case. That is the reason why some people can drain us of energy if our own energy is drawn to or in this case by the stronger energy. So if we feel that somebody is spreading negative energy and we want to protect our own energy we should really walk away from that person unless we feel that our positive energy is strong enough to be the stronger energy in the area, in that case we could turn the negative energy into positive.

The fact that everything is energy is very important when it comes to the ‘Law of attraction’. This mean that whatever we think of, good or bad, we attract. I have a huge problem with anger lately and I find the angrier I get the more situations I attract to make me angry. It is quite hard work to change a thought pattern, but I guess in the long run it will be better for me and my sanity šŸ˜‰

An other thing I have noticed lately is that dark energy is always at work! I feel I just made a positive step in the direction I would like to go in and then …bang…something bad happens and plans have to be thrown overboard. A friend says we have to try and stay with the light energy even though we are being called to the dark side šŸ˜‰ It makes sense now in a way. Because if we let the dark energy be stronger it will take over that’s why we have to always stay with the light energy. In that case my friends and readers: Go forth and be light xxx

One thought on “Entrainment

  1. This is what I call my light side and dark side.
    The dark side attracts everything that is negative and destructive.
    The light side attracts good, positive and beneficial.
    It can be a real struggle sometimes to control my dark side. But I know that if the dark side wins, then I will end up in a heap of trouble, and that is not good for anyone….

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