Fat Realisations


Last night I watched ‘Benefits Brides’. There was a couple that were both hugely overweight. He weight 24 Stone and had already lost 7 previously. Due to their weight the couple was on benefits. Despite them loosing a lot of weight they still appeared quite big. He actually said that it is really hard to find a job when you are overweight.

This made me think. I am actually overweight, and am struggling loosing it. Due to my recent bad health I find exercising very difficult, yet I do realise that is not an excuse for bad eating habits. I was actually getting really worried about this. I do have a job at the moment, but what if I ever have to go for an interview the way I look and feel now?

In the morning I rang my husband to ask if he thought that my weight issue could get in the way of finding another job and he said yes. Well no sugar coating there then ;-(.  He actually said (and he knows that I take pride in my organisational skills): You can be the most organised person in the world, but if you’re fat people judge you by what you look like. And with fat people they always think that she can’t control her over eating!!!

Wow what a blow to the head that was in the morning. My husband has always been very honest, which is good mainly. So I left the hotel this morning feeling utterly shit. My confidence had hit rock bottom and I just want to crawl into a hole. I am not very confident and never have been. I wasn’t always big, but for a few years now it just has got out of control. But until this morning I never actually thought that being overweight would ever stand in my way of getting a job.

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