Singing Bowls


I have recently started a course to learn more about sound therapy and I thought I share with you my love for singing bowls. It will be a short summary of the instrument and what it can be used for. Enjoy! x

There are many different size and shapes Singing Bowls. They are all round but the circumference and the depth varies. The thickness and colour of material used to make the bowls varies. The sound the bowl makes is determined by the shape and thickness of material , as well as by the thickness of the rim.

Singing bowls produce their tones in different ways. The first thing that influences the sound is the beater used. The beaters are usually made out of a soft wood or are covered in a felt like material. The size of the beater is also important. This is a matter of trial and error. Some bowls sound better with a softer beater others need a harder beater. In general a larger beater will produce a richer, fuller sound and are usually used with larger bowls, whilst the smaller beaters are used with smaller bowls.

One way of making the bowl ‘sing’ is by hitting it with the beater and listening to the sound and vibrations. Another way is to rub the beater around the rim of the bowl. Is is important to do this clockwise and never anti-clockwise. Rubbing the rim anticlockwise is not in harmony with the energy of our bodies.

One way to use a singing bowl is by listening and holding it in the palm of your hand. Just letting the sound ring and listening in a relaxed manner with your eyes closed. One should start by experiencing the sound as a whole. The singing bowl can also be placed near or on the body to feel the vibrations going through the body. there are some singing bowls that are linked to certain chakras. So if you feel that your solar plexus chakra needs support and help to open you would place the specific singing bowl on your solar plexus to help with clearing any blockage in the body. You can either sit or lie down and put the bowl where it is needed to feel the healing vibrations and hear the sound. It is also possible to touch the bowl with your tongue or lip to feel the vibrations.

Singing bowls have different affects on the body. It can be used in therapeutic workshops. The sound and the vibration can have a calming effect on the body and he mind and help to relax people. As mentioned before it can help clear certain chakra blockages. Singing bowls can help boost mental energy as well as help to clarify thinking. It can give an individual increased physical energy as well as increased concentration. It can help to balance the body and the mind and provide stress relief. It can also help to silence the internal dialogue of negative thinking.

The reason I chose to write about the singing bowl is that I have used them on myself to help with my sacral chakra blockages. I have several singing bowls and I find them very beneficial for myself. It is very relaxing and helps to focus my mind and focus on the sound and vibration and on the here and now and forget the stress of work for a while.

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