Absolute Silence

I am reading a book at the moment with the title “Absolute Silence”. I am graving silence lately. Have you ever noticed that if you really feel strongly about something lacking in your life, the more it springs to your attention. It does with me. I am longing for absolute silence, and the slightest noise makes me angry. Our neighbours are constantly fighting and have five year old twins that are really testing their mothers patience at the moment. it is unbareable to listen to the constant screaming and fighting. I lost it the other day and turned on ‘Summer of 69’ at volume 80% just to show them they are getting on my nerves. i can’t sit in the garden to take a breather as we have a building site right at our back yard and the constant digging and drilling drives me crazy. I am dreaming of going to a remote location for a while just to have silence.

In the book I ma reading there is a distinct difference between silence and solitude. The author describes this well. I think they are linked. In the book it is described that silence means no TV, no music, no radio, no internet. I forgot about that. Often we fill silences with electronic entertainment. Or we wish to be alone yet we are on Facebook, Twitter and so on. I truly would like some of both. I would like to take books and a notebook to write down my experience. I would like to take undisturbed walks, were I can talk to myself, or scream, or sing without meeting somebody. I think it would be very good for me to cut myself of and just be by myself and enjoy silence and solitude. Time to read, think and meditate. My head is overfill with stuff. I need some space to clear everything and get back to whats really important. I can’t think clearly right now as everything is a blur of business and rushed choices and badly chosen replies to emails and text messages.

The author of the book also described that after a few days she wasn’t sticking to ‘rules’ anymore. Like washing every day or sleeping at night, or eating at certain times. She was able to listen to her body and reacted to the signs from within. This sounds amazing to me. She liked it so much that she now bought a remote place in the highlands of Scotland. She became a silence addict.

I just need some silence time with myself to recover from everyday noise pollution.

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