You haven’t heard from me in a while because I had a hysterectomy a week Thursday. The day I went in I was incredibly tense and they had to give me meds to calm me down. After the surgeon talked to me what they may have to do I felt even worse. He explained that if he could save an ovary or the womb he would. he also said that he was trying to do everything labroscopicly, because if he has to cut me open it will hurt like hell, as I am obese. Thanks doc πŸ˜‰ I think it will hurt even if you are skinny but never mind hey.

So into theatre I went. Dosed up with lots of anti sickness and 4 hours later I was in the awakening chamber πŸ˜‰ Turns out they didn’t have to cut me fully open but they removed the womb vaginally, sorry for the detailed description. I had morphine on a pump and I was sleeping most of the time. The next day they took the pump away…meanies ;-( and they made me walk…ouch.

Anyway They let me out on Saturday, a mere 48 hours after the operation. Up until yesterday I have been sleeping a lot. Today is the first day I feel more awake. Appetite is a big issue, as I still feel sick all the time…but hey as I am obese that must be a good thing. I have surfed the net to find out what it actually means to have the womb removed that way and boy was that a mistake!!! Anyway I was in many Chatrooms or forums and read hundreds of experiences…one by a woman with the name “Hissy’.

A lot of these sides say that you feel low because you mourn your womb. Well I am 39 and as of yet the mourning hasn’t started. I would like to feel less sick so I can at least enjoy some water. Maybe all the emotional stuff will start later. I am still getting over the effects of full anesetic I guess. I will keep you posted x

4 thoughts on “Hysterectomy

  1. Hi Brittany. I had a hysterectomy last month, so I’ve been recovering too. It’s rough the first few weeks. Jello became a favorite for me for awhile especially in the hospital. I had to be cut open, so I totally get all the loopiness too from the medicine.

    You may not get too emotional. I’ve just started to get really sad or angry at things I don’t think I would – I’m typically a sensitivity person anyway though. I mourned the loss a little bit more I’ve cried about how it’s helping anyone and how I’m so brave being so young (27). It’s a lot of swirly emotions. If you need a friend or anything, feel free to reach out. I’ll pray for your healing and that you start wanting food again πŸ’•

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  2. Hi, I had a hysterectomy on 22 June. Had to have the big cut but 3 weeks on I’m moving around fine. My sickness wore off about the 8 day mark but I still get a sick feeling around mid afternoon 😞 hope you’re recovery is going well

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