Creative Pregnancy

As I now am totally never ever going to have children I thought I give myself nine months to finally produce that novel I have been talking about for years. I have been reading a lot about hysterectomies lately and there are some people that belief that a woman’s creativity lies in her nether regions and having your womb removed also removes the centre of your productive creativity. Well…I have decided to proof them wrong. After having a very vivid dream during the night, I woke up this morning and decided that this dream is going to be the main plot of my novel. It is going to be a murder mystery. Although I always thought I will one days rite a deep and meaningful love story or self-help book, this one will be a murder mystery. Having read and listen to a lot of books in that genre lately I felt closely drawn to that. 

I have given myself nine months for this. Just like a pregnancy the result will be revealed then. I am quite excited and I have started working on it today straight away. I can finally feel that fire burning inside me again and my passion and imagination are awake. I have been waiting for this ‘a-ha’ moment in years and there is is. Watch this space. I will of course keep you updated along the way. I can already see myself giving radio interviews about it 😉 Thank you for following me xxx

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