The Shack

With the movie coming out soon I thought I’d better read this. This book has been on my shelf for many years and I have always put of reading it, as I thought it had very strong religious overtones, but I was pleasantly surprised. This is one of the books I will keep and read again. So far only ‘The Alchemist’ has made it that far up the list, well and everything by Murakami of course 😉

The book was deeply touching and at the Sam time thought provoking. It does not push religion in your face and forces a ‘Christian’ agenda. It made me reflect on my relationships with people and the love I have for them and indeed for myself. It does explain the ‘Holy Trinity’ in a very understandable way, but not like you might be used to from Sunday school. The book is trying to say that you don’t need to visit the ‘institution’ church every week or follow rules and so on. It simply talk about love and the concept that we are all energy and we all give of energy. Every breath we take sends out a vibe into the universe. This is a principle many beliefs follow. It is a quite intense read as the book is trying to explain some quite complex ideas and concepts. I really enjoyed reading it and it was the first book in ages that made me feel something. In fact it made me feel a whole range of emotions. I highly recommend it, but you need to be open for it. If you are already a critic of spiritual books than maybe this is not for you. X

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