The Man Who Risked It All

I found this book in a bookshop in Glastonbury. Reading the text on the back I was hoping that this book would touch me on an emotional level…but it didn’t.

Alan is trying to commit suicide by jumping from the top of the Eifel tower. A mysterious man is stopping him from doing so and Alan strikes a deal with him. If Alan can full fill all the tasks he is given by Monsiuer Dubrielle (the mysterious stranger) he will win his freedom back. Alan agrees and has to do some pretty weird tasks in order to help him gain more confidence and more joy in life.

The book has a very slow pace and only in the last part of the book is it getting remotely interesting. I found this book boring and uninspiring. It was published by Hay House who normally bring out very inspirational books…well this one wasn’t one of them.

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