The Flying Carpet

Happiness manifests itself in a variety of shapes and forms. A cup of coffee can make you just as happy and relaxing as a hot bath or meditation. If we learn to relax in stressful situations we are able to take the pressure of and function better. A holiday can make you really happy. A different environment, new places to see can refresh the body and the soul. The difficulty with a holiday is that it is not always possible to take a holiday. I have recently discovered how helpful meditation can be here. I am following a program that uses images for meditation. So when I meditate I have an image of a new place in my head. I imagine this in great detail, even how the foods might taste. This meditation is like a mini break for my mind and it feels really refreshing. I am not a patient person and I can’t sit or lay still for long, so my meditation last between 2o and 30 minutes. Everybody has to start somewhere. 

I sometimes imagine myself on a flying carpet. It’s like fantasy travel. I have the air blowing in my hair and I can see everything from above, or just be taken by the carpet where it wants me to go looking at the passing clouds, feeling very relaxed. I can highly recommend this technique. Focus on what you can see and feel. Travel wherever your ant to go and when you had enough the carpet will bring you back to reality. I always lay on my favourite big colourful throw for meditation, as the carpets I have in my house are a very boring beige colour. Give it a go 😉 xxx

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