The blind men and the elephant

Reality can be seen from a variety of different perspectives. I came across the story about the ‘Blind men and the elephant’ today and thought I’ll share it with you.

Six blind men wanted to get a picture of an elephant by purely feeling him, through touch. Each of them was only allowed to feel one part of the elephant. The first one said: ‘An elephant is like a big column’ because he was feeling the leg. ‘No you are wrong’ said the second one: ‘An elephant is like a rope’, he was feeling the tail. ‘No, an elephant is like a big branch’ said the third one who was feeling the trunk. ‘It is more like a massive hand held fan’ said the fourth one, who was feeling an ear. ‘It’s rather a great big wall’ said the fifth one, who was feeling the belly of the elephant. ‘No, you are all wrong. It is like a big pipe, said the sixth one, who was feeling a tusk. 

I really like this story as it shows that they were all right. It just depends on the perspective. Each of them was so determined that they were right, when in fact they all were. This made me think. Is there somebody in my life I should show more tolerance? In what area am I too harsh with myself? Where have I insisted on being right when in fact there was more than one truth?

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