The caravan is moving on

I am sure a lot of us have experienced this before. You feel really passionate about a new idea or a project and you are bursting with enthusiasm, but when you tell others about it, it feels like you hit a brick wall at 100 miles an hour. Or sometimes when you have reached a goal and feel incredibly proud, you can hear some people moan and groan and belittle what you have achieved. In most cases it has something to do with them, If they can’t be happy for you than they must be very dissatisfied with their own lives. 

There is an old saying that come from Turkey that says: The dogs are barking, but the caravan is moving on! In some Muslim countries a dog is considered as impure or unclean, but the camel is supposed to be wise. After all only the camel knows the hundredth name of Allah. What this wisdom is saying is, that despite the barking opponent the caravan does not leave the path they are meant to go on. They focus on the ultimate goal.

How often have I told somebody about my plans, dreams, wishes or goals and was talked down? How often have I felt proud of an achievement, but my opponent belittled it? Not this time I can tell you. This time I am focused on the goal of becoming a published author and nobody can talk me out of perusing my path. Keep on barking all you want. I can already hear certain people saying that this is crazy and that I will never succeed. Never mind. I am going to follow this dream and see what happens. I haven’t given up my day time job yet, so I have not gone completely crazy yet 😉

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