10 rules of serenity

Pope John XXIII (1881-1963) came up with 10 rules of serenity. You could call them commandments, but these rules don’t only apply to religious people but can be very helpful in everyday live for everybody. So I call the rules and not commandments.

Rule 1: Just let the day unfold in front of you. See what happens and what it has to offer. 

Rule 2: Look at your self very closely. How do you treat your self and others. Treat yourself with more respect. 

Rule 3: You are allowed to be happy here and now. Happiness come from within and not from somewhere else. You always carry it around with you.

Rule 4: We often feel let down by circumstances. Life would be easier if we just accept things as they are.

Rule 5: Reading is important. Read every day, as your mind needs feeding and it’s good for the soul, just as food is for the body.

Rule 6: Do something good everyday, but don’t tell anyone. A randomn act of kindness.

Rule 7: Do something you really don’t enjoy, but don’t be in a bad mood about it.

Rule 8: Plan an entire day in great detail and try to stick to it. This will help you not to rush or be indecisive.

Rule 9: Don’t be scared to be alone. Take some time by yourself. Enjoy your own company.

Rule 10: Trust. have some trust in the greater good and that everything will be as it’s meant to be.

Wow…Which one of these would you find the hardest? I find rule 7 quite a challenge, as I always avoid doing things I really don’t like, and yes I am in a bad mood if I end up having to do them.

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