Happy by Fearne Cotton

I read this book in one sitting. I skipped the exercises to be honest. The lay out is very pretty and feminine but the content is a different matter. I felt the book is quite superficial. If you have never read a book about depression than maybe this book is ok. If you however, like myself, have read many self help books about depression, moods or happiness than this book will disappoint you. It disappointed me. It only scratches the surface. I like books that go deep and I would have liked some deeper insides on how Fearne sealed with her depression, but it is not that kind of book. I also found the way the book is presented very jumpy. You are reading one story about something and all for sudden on the next page she is talking about something else and a page later goes back to the previous topic. If you are looking for a deep and meaningful account of how to deal with depression, this book isn’t it.

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