Artful days

I have flown to Germany for a week as my sister is getting married. I went to see a big exhibition called ‘documenta’ yesterday. I am not very arty myself when it comes to brush and paint, but I use art for inspiration for stories or poems.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about femininity and self image and the above statues were my favourite part as they portray fuller figured women. As I am curvy myself I can identify more with images like that. The media floods us with images of ‘ideal’ women, which are skinny and flawless, that’s why it’s refreshing to see the above sculptures in an exhibition. It made me feel better that at least one artist was celebrating the curves as well 🙂

Being a writer

A friend of mine said this to me today:

Even if you never publish anything you can still be a writer. You have to eat, breath and life writing. Nobody can stop you from being a writer, as long as you believe it yourself. You have to write for the right reasons. I ahven’t done that so far. I was always looking at the big goal, my great role model J.K. Rowling and I forgot that I  am already a writer, even though I am not famous.

Thank you for reminding me. I am a writer x

The games people play

My friend send me a book with thoughts for happiness and some colouring in, to cheer me up whilst I am recovering from the operation. I came across a text yesterday that said one should treat life more like a game. It said that even though in a game we would like to win, loosing isn’t that tragic either. Games are fun and people get together and enjoy a board game and have a laugh. This is a German book. Board games are very popular in Germany, by the way. And when people cross our plans and set us back we can laugh about it. 

I don’t agree with that at all. When we lose in real life it can have massive consequences. Playing games in real life is associated, for me at least, with cheating, strategies, planning ahead so somebody else loses. Seeing life as a game can be quite dangerous, in my opinion. You lose sight of the fact that you are dealing with real people and real emotions. I often think about this as my job is in business and the other day I saw an email that read: Britta, don’t forget we are a business nt a charity! I can’t say too much but it was basically about sacking someone or giving them another chance. I have seen people planning and scheming to get right to the top of ‘their game’. All though they might be very successful, and hard working, some of them have lost all sense of humanity and come across as cold hearted.

I can on the other hand see that the text maybe refers to not taking things quite so seriously. Sometimes we worry so much about the future that we forget the here and now. Because the here and now is the only part we can affect in life. Then maybe I slightly agree that we should stop worrying about the future and life in the here and now and have the best possible day we can, each day at a time.

This time of year

Today was Father’s Day and it would have been my dad’s 67th birthday. As you may know from previous posts he died of cancer in 2013. This time of year is very painful as I was there for his 63rd birthday and six days later he died. But I am trying to every year remember the good times. He loved nature. He loved the forest and trees and I fondly remember our Sunday walks in the forest were he taught us about all the trees and birds. That’s why he chose his last resting place with a picture of a tree. I miss him everyday. But I also know that he will always be a part of me. I would post a picture of him here but I know he wouldn’t want me too, so I respect his wishes. 

Secret Shifters

I said previously that I have been reading a lot about the law of attraction. Last night I read about positive and negative energy. I said that if we start the day with positive thoughts it will reinforce a positive message and your day will keep getting better. If you, on the other hand, start the day in a negative mood, things will happen that reinforce that negative feeling. For example if you start out the day by hitting your little toe on the bed post, which puts you in a right mood and then you drop your piece of toast butter side up on the kitchen floor and then, for some reason the boiler doesn’t work and there is no hot water for your shower, you need to refocus to come out of that negative cycle. The book suggests to have some ‘Secret Shifters’ up your sleeve 😉 I love the words ‘Secret Shifters’ 😉

So I tried that out today. I had to go into town to get some bits and pieces. I already knew before hand that people and specifically tourists get on my nerves. So my secret shifter today was to play Mike Flowers ‘Wonderwall’ whilst I was in town. I had that on repeat and it put me in a fantastic mood. Click on it:

It’s an instant mood shifter. Apparently when you are in a negative state of mind nothing good will happen to you. You need to shift your mood in order for it to change your day. It worked for me. I thought about other ‘Secret Shifters’. For example chocolate, or a hot bath are the once for me. What is your ‘Secret Shifter’ ? (sorry for saying it ;-))

Counting my blessings

I felt a bit down today. I had a real set back in my healing process from the operation. I had to be taken back to hospital last week, as an infection in the bladder had gone unoticed for weeks and it had gone up to my kidneys. I was in a pretty bad state. As I just has major surgery I could not distinguish were the pain was coming from, but after two sleepless nights last week I was taken to A&E in major pain. I was given antibiotics IV and had to stay a night. Today I took the last two tablets of the seven day course of antibiotics. But as I had been in so much pain I have not done as much walking as I should have done and my healing progress has been very slow. 

What really set me off today was a picture of my two German friends together with their kids having a family get together and they send me some pictures through. When I saw that I nearly cried. Not quite sure why. I do feel lonely here in the UK as the people I consider friends live a bit further away and I don’t see them very often. I then decided to drive down to the beach, as walking would have been too much at the moment, and have a sit in the sun and listen to the waves. There were a few tourists there but not too many. As I was sitting there enjoying my surroundings I realised how lucky I actually am and how I should do this more often. I should spend more time by the beach and losten to the ocean. It’s right on my doorstep. It made me realise that instead moaning about the things I am missing I should count my blessings and look at the things I do have in my life and appreciate them. The above is a picture of the beach in Portland, Dorset, where I was sitting this afternoon.