Not everybody has to like me!


A peacock is beautiful to look at, especially when he is showing of his feathers in full pride. Because of his beautiful appearance a peacock has become a symbol in many cultures and religions. In some cases a peacock is seen as something good in others as something bad. In early Christianity a peacock used to be seen as the bird of paradise, who symbolised heavenly bliss and luck. He also stood for resurrection as the meat of a peacock was consider imperishable. As time went on the view of a peacock turned and it stood for vanity and if you kept its feathers in the house it meant bad luck was going to come to you. The peacock is India’s national bird and its call is meant to foretell rain, which is a good thing in India. There are many more myths from other cultures.Whether he is loved her hated the peacock itself does not really care. He still shows off his feathers with pride.

When I was younger I really cared what people thought about me. especially in my late teens and early twenties I wanted to be liked by everybody and tried to please everybody too. At that age it always came as a shock to me when I wasn’t invited to a party or a certain event by somebody I considered a friend. I lay awake at night worrying why they might not like me and what I did wrong. Nowadays I don’t care anymore. I say it as it is which gets me into trouble more often then not. It’s not that I am rude. I can just distinguish better between the people I want in my life and those I don’t want in my life. I don’t try hard to be liked by people. Either they do or they don’t and it certainly doesn’t cause me sleepless nights anymore. Age has put that into perspective. You can use up a lot of valuable energy trying to please the people that criticise you. I also think it is important to be positive and have a positive outlook, because with that you attract the ‘right’ kind of people into your life.

2 thoughts on “Not everybody has to like me!

  1. Wonderfully written. Your message surely can be related to by so many. As we grow more aware we become more valuable to ourselves and care less about pleasing others. Thank you for sharing.

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