5 thoughts on “Paranoia

  1. Indeed Its Paranoia
    ~ ~ ~
    If ever i had
    If indeed
    Indeed I have
    Indeed many countries
    Countries travelled
    Countries some blinded
    Blinded by darkness
    Blinded demure clouded
    Clouded judgement
    Clouded but if i had to
    To chose
    To go first to Germany
    Germany for the people
    Germany its politeness
    Politeness and pride
    Politeness found in Norway
    Norway pride
    Norway its people
    People I’ve yet to decide
    People still thinking
    Thinking people
    Thinking of the world
    World wide paranoia
    World on the brink
    Brink of disaster
    Brink of war
    War enhances evil
    War paranoia rife
    Rife hey its not got me
    Rife don’t look back
    Back off what’s that
    Back no I’ll fall
    Fall into a state
    Fall down begging
    Begging begging
    Begging paranoia
    Paranoia paranoia
    Paranoia no what
    A Blitz poem inspired by your good self. if your interest in doing one the rules can be found at this link:
    https://mickhispoetry.wordpress.com/about/#bli Thank you…

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