The path is the goal

We have a saying in Germany which states: The path is the goal or the journey is the reward. It means that sometimes in life we feel that we get lost along the way and don’t reach our destination fast enough. Sometimes we get completely lost and don’t reach our destination at all. But if the journey is the reward than it doesn’t really matter. we don’t need to stress so much about it. 

Sometimes life seems like an endless labyrinth and we can’t find the way out. The reason for that is that we are so focused on our destination or goal that we miss the side paths or the exits. We have put ourselves under so much pressure to reach a certain goal or destination that we miss little doors or windows that life offers us, I would like to call the opportunities. These opportunities that life offers us might distract us from our original path but maybe they will lead us there anyway but via something more beautiful. It is sometimes quite important to go with the flow and let life take you down a path, even if it’s unplanned and who knows what or who you may meet on the way. The journey is the reward, so enjoy your reward. Unexpected moments of happiness may follow x

One thought on “The path is the goal

  1. I am glad you pointed out that the real goal is our journey.We humans assign it to a specific target or accomplishment forgetting and ignoring the moments of joy that come in between.We get so lost that we even forget the real meaning of happiness.

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