The Worry Tree

An Indian legend tells us about a beautiful old tree that was placed right in the market square of a village. It was central to where everything happened in tha village and a big part of the villagers life’s. Ther came the day when all villagers were allowed to wrap all their problems and worries up in a parcel and hang it up on the tree in order to get rid of them. The only draw back was they had to take another parcel home with them. Everybody in the village took part and hang up their worry parcels on the tree and took another one home. When they got home to unwrap their parcels they noticed that there are some people out there who’s problems and worries were far greater than their own. Some people even wrapped up the parcel they took hang it pack up on the tree and took their own back home again, because they realised their worries weren’t quite so bad. From that day on nobody moaned ever again about their problems because everybody knew that other people have some too.

Often when we are worried about something we get so wrapped up in that. It causes us sleepless nights and occupies a lot of brain space. What we forget is to take a look around and to realise that everybody has their little parcel to carry. We should be kind to one another because we don’t know what the other person has been through or what is hidden inside their parcel. I am very guilty of not doing that. I get angry sometimes with other people or I judge them by their behaviour without actually realising that they too are worried about something or have a major problem. Always try and be kind xxx

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