The Birth of a Butterfly


I came across this story today and thought I’ll share it with you: A scientists was watching a butterfly which was struggling to come out of his cocoon. The poor little thing was struggling for hours but it still wouldn’t come out. So the scientist decided to lend a helping hand by making the hole at the top of the cocoon a little bit bigger with some small scissors. Now it was easy for the butterfly to come out, but it was feeble and its wings weren’t really developed and it couldn’t fly. In his eagerness to help the butterfly the scientist overlooked the fact that it is necessary for the butterfly to squeeze himself through the small opening of the cocoon, because by doing that liquid gets pressed into the wings which enable the butterfly to fly.

This story made me think that often we come across difficult bits in our life’s and we wished the way was easier or somebody would help and take the struggle away, but what we are forgetting is those struggles make us grow. If everything was easy and given to us just like that, we would not develop further and we would not be the person we are today. Struggles help us mobilise strengths we didn’t even know we had. They help us grow into the person we are meant to be. It doesn’t often feel like that at the time, I can tell you that from experience, but I am looking forward to becoming the beautiful butterfly I am meant to be xxx

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