Getting inspired

I take a lot of pictures. I noticed the other day that I take them because in my mind I can see a poem or a short story . On my website in ‘Poems Corner’ I made a start with some random poems connected with pictures I took. I went through my external hard drive today and printed of about 30 pictures, which are meant to act as inspiration for some stories or poems. You know there are these books you can by like ‘642 things to write about’ and there are many more. So I thought I can actually do something like that myself. I also bought some art books in the second hand shop because paintings can also be a great inspiration for stories or poems.

And then of course life itself can be a great inspiration. I sit in a cafe or restaurant and listen to people and I get great ideas. The other day in McDonalds there was this guy on the phone. He was talking really loudly about films and he said that he thinks that ‘Frozen’ is such an inspirational film. I found that funny. He was about 60 years old and I wished he had elaborated why he thought ‘Frozen’ was inspirational. He then talked about that he is living in a caravan at the moment as he got chucked out of his flat. This can be the basis for a real good story. I am a meme er of a few writing groups and a lot of people moan about the lack of inspiration. Sometimes it is just a case of listening and watching. The next great story can be just around the corner.

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