Law of Attraction

I have been thinking about this for a while and have recently read ‘The Secret’ again. I still find the law of attraction a difficult thing to get my head around. Yes I do believe that we attaract what we think, but in ‘The Secret’ they are talking about wealth and money a lot. They say that if we think we are wealthy and manifest a positive thought about wealth and really imagine what it would be like to have all the money you need, they guarantee that it will happen. I have a problem with that, because don’t we all want to be rich and have no money worries? If it was that easy than why is there so much poverty in the world? I discussed this with a friend the other day and she said it has something to do with all things being energy and even our thoughts are energy and we are sending them out into the world. Well I can see that. But for example I imagagine every day what it would be like to be a successful writer, to actually do that as a full time job. I even imagine flying around the world for book signings and staying in fancy hotels. But it hasn’t happened yet. In ‘The Secret’ they say that there has to be a time gap so we can actually think about our thoughts 😉 or what we really want. I read a book by a German author on the same topic and she describes actually putting orders in with the Universe. She asked for 20,000 Euros by a specific date and actually got it. She wished for a partner with certain qualities and low and behold four weeks later she met him. Now there is no proof if what she says is actually true. But if the law of attraction works like that, why aren’t we all rich with the perfect partner?

I do belief that if we think more positively we see the world in a different light. In the book ‘The Secret’ it says we have to imagine the way we want our life. If we use the words don’t or no, it actually manifests a negative thought and attracts more negative things into our life’s. Again I don’t really quite get it because I am sure people in war zones or starving out there in the world they too imagine a better life for themselves. Is there anybody that reads my blog that can explain this law of attraction thing to me? Do you believe in the law of attraction?

8 thoughts on “Law of Attraction

  1. Keep with it, set yourself small obtainable goals and attract them to you through your focus vibration and believe, it will happen for you, but you must believe in your thoughts and ability, also every person is different and how you align yourself with the universe is your way to obtain your dreams, trust your new partner the universe, it will never let you down and it will always work with you ……….

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  2. I totally believe in the law of attraction, but it does take more than just thought. Thinking about becoming a successful writer wont make you one, but thinking that you want to be a successful writer will motivate you to be one. Dont concentrate on thinking that you wont ever be one. You can and i 100% believe you will. 🙂

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  3. I agree re your note on wealth – but I suppose it is the way you interpret it. Is wealth money or is it health + having people you love in your life?

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  4. Just came across this post. I recently started utilizing the law of attraction myself, and it’s definitely more than just wanting. You need to want it REALLY bad, picture yourself as an already successful writer, imagine getting deals, millions of people reading your books. Feel as though you have already succeeded, and this very feeling will attract success. It’s not about luck, it’s about who is determined and certain in their success, and who doubts it. I know it’s hard – I’m not at that level of certainty in anything yet, but I know I will be successful once I reach it. And so will you.

    Good luck, and keep up the good work 🙂

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  5. First, it helps to keep in mind that each and every person has a completely unique perspective on every subject. What is horrible to you may not be so bad to another person. Therefore each person’s level of desire on any subject will be different. Each person is sculpted by the circumstances of their lives, their experiences. What attracts experiences into our lives is the frequency of the energy we are emitting into the universe. It’s not the exact thoughts we think that attract things… rather the feeling or frequency we emit as a result of thinking the thoughts. You can think about being rich all day every day, but if you don’t feel the abundance of having that already, it can’t quite make its way into your experience. Be easy about it. Daydream and try and have fun with it. You’re right where you’re supposed to be and moving in whatever direction you choose with your thoughts on any and all subjects. Everything we want is because we want to feel better anyways, skip right to feeling how you want to feel now and allow the manifestations to flow comfortably into your experience.

    P.S. People are reading your writing and commenting, that’s good movement towards being a successful writer. lol

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