Counting my blessings

I felt a bit down today. I had a real set back in my healing process from the operation. I had to be taken back to hospital last week, as an infection in the bladder had gone unoticed for weeks and it had gone up to my kidneys. I was in a pretty bad state. As I just has major surgery I could not distinguish were the pain was coming from, but after two sleepless nights last week I was taken to A&E in major pain. I was given antibiotics IV and had to stay a night. Today I took the last two tablets of the seven day course of antibiotics. But as I had been in so much pain I have not done as much walking as I should have done and my healing progress has been very slow. 

What really set me off today was a picture of my two German friends together with their kids having a family get together and they send me some pictures through. When I saw that I nearly cried. Not quite sure why. I do feel lonely here in the UK as the people I consider friends live a bit further away and I don’t see them very often. I then decided to drive down to the beach, as walking would have been too much at the moment, and have a sit in the sun and listen to the waves. There were a few tourists there but not too many. As I was sitting there enjoying my surroundings I realised how lucky I actually am and how I should do this more often. I should spend more time by the beach and losten to the ocean. It’s right on my doorstep. It made me realise that instead moaning about the things I am missing I should count my blessings and look at the things I do have in my life and appreciate them. The above is a picture of the beach in Portland, Dorset, where I was sitting this afternoon. 

4 thoughts on “Counting my blessings

  1. If you want to compare your status quo in life, then you don’t have to look too far to find someone worse off than you. People that are disabled and / or wheelchair bound have a hard life compared to most.
    Happiness is a choice not a consequence of the situation.
    Why are some people who have spent 30 years in prison genuinely happy ?
    Happiness is a state of mind. You choose your perception of the world.
    Any emotion is temporary. Everything passes. Be at one with the environment. Be at peace.

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