Secret Shifters

I said previously that I have been reading a lot about the law of attraction. Last night I read about positive and negative energy. I said that if we start the day with positive thoughts it will reinforce a positive message and your day will keep getting better. If you, on the other hand, start the day in a negative mood, things will happen that reinforce that negative feeling. For example if you start out the day by hitting your little toe on the bed post, which puts you in a right mood and then you drop your piece of toast butter side up on the kitchen floor and then, for some reason the boiler doesn’t work and there is no hot water for your shower, you need to refocus to come out of that negative cycle. The book suggests to have some ‘Secret Shifters’ up your sleeve πŸ˜‰ I love the words ‘Secret Shifters’ πŸ˜‰

So I tried that out today. I had to go into town to get some bits and pieces. I already knew before hand that people and specifically tourists get on my nerves. So my secret shifter today was to play Mike Flowers ‘Wonderwall’ whilst I was in town. I had that on repeat and it put me in a fantastic mood. Click on it:

It’s an instant mood shifter. Apparently when you are in a negative state of mind nothing good will happen to you. You need to shift your mood in order for it to change your day. It worked for me. I thought about other ‘Secret Shifters’. For example chocolate, or a hot bath are the once for me. What is your ‘Secret Shifter’ ? (sorry for saying it ;-))

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