Book review: The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances

I have been reading three books at the same time and I finished this first. Wow what a page turner. Daniel Cavendish is a young man. he has got a trust fund of £5000 a month, so the cynically doe snot need to work, but still is a trainee doctor. He has the luck of being born into a wealthy family. When he gets pushed by his dad to by his own flat he meets Cherry, who works in the estate agent, and immediately falls in love with her. He introduces her to his mum and dad, and Laura, Daniel’s mum has her suspicions about Cherry right from the start. Laura’s marriage is not what it used to be and she works for ITV as a scriptwriter. 

There is a holiday in France in the families villa, near ST. Tropes, which widens the gap between Cherry and Laura as CHerry is playing evil games and gets found out by Laura. Then there is a nasty accident, where Daniel gets injured and Laura is playing nasty games with Cherry, but Laura gets found out and Cherry takes revenge.

This book is a real page turner. It has twists and turns right until the very last page. I really recommend this book. It’s not your usual crime thriller, but rather full of surprises and lies. Enjoy

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