Health and safety rules v. Being human

I came across a situation yesterday where health and safety rules were taken too far and that person became in my eyes inhuman, as he was insisting on these stupid rules.

I know that coach drivers aren’t meant to lift anything or anybody anymore, due to health and safety rules. I used to be a coach driver myself, but I never forgot to be human as well. There was a lady in a wheelchair with MS. She was travelling with her husband and they were trying to get on a tour bus to London. They were traveling by cruise ship, and this was going to be there last holiday like that together as her illness was progressing fast and had already disabled her body quite severely. Anyway as I was seeing coaches off in the port, I realised the commotion at this particular coach. The driver was refusing to take this lady. The lady was feeling embarrassed and started crying. She wanted to be taken back onboard. I am not really allowed to lift anything due to my recent surgery, but as nobody else was going to help the couple I offered to assist. I was furious with the driver. I mean come on. This was her last holiday ever and he was ruining it. The other staff around me told me not too do it. They were saying: ‘You are not allowed to lift anything. Stop it.’ They were trying to explain to the driver that due to my operation I was really not allowed to lift anything, but he remained stubborn. In the end I could feel a sharp pain in my lower abdomen and another passenger had to step in for me to help get the lady into a seat. The driver then further made a fuss and said: ‘She can’t stay on the coach at lunch’. To wich I replied: I am sure she does not want to spend lunch wth you either! I mean really, why was he thinking about his lunch break already and why did he even think she wanted to stay on the coach for that?  This was a one off situation and if some more people would have helped, that lady could have sat in that coach much quicker. AS it was it took 20 minutes. If we were all a little bit more human and open our eyes to a situation that unfolds in front of us, the world would be a much better place.

I do realise that some health and safety rules are there to protect us, but sometimes we also have to be human and see the situation for what it is. Now I know that I was stupid to even attempt to try and lift her and I had to spend the morning in A&E waiting for an ultrasound as there is a risk that my bladder may have shifted downwards. It hasn’t!! Phew. I thought I would lead by example and show what being human could look like. Of course I can’t force anybody to go against those rules. 

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