Today has been a really foggy, misty and rainy day along the Dorset coast. But as it was my day off I was determined to get out and about. I find it quite difficult to walk in thick fog. First of all i don’t like that I can’t see where I am going very clearly, secondly I have Asthma and the high water content in the air makes breathing just that little bit harder.

As I was walking along the seafront in the fog I thought about the fog in my head. Lately it feels my head is really clogged up and foggy. I don’t seem to be able to see my way clearly. All I do is walk ahead and hope not to fall, that’s metaphorically speaking. This fog in my head is making me feel very tired and at other times I get really frustrated. I am a person that likes to plan ahead, but that’s quite difficult if you can’t see more than one step at the time. Not being able to see clearly makes me panic slightly and that sometimes makes me short of breath. Having this fog in my head is also having a massive effect on my creative writing. Whilst I was ill, I had so many ideas and plans for projects. It got to the point where my husband thought he could bring out my competitive edge by challenging me to take part in the same flash fiction competition. He entered his already and I am just sitting there but have no idea what to write about. Maybe I should see this as some sort of ‘good fog’ that is teaching me to take one step at the time and not to make plans but take life as it comes. To try and see what’s infront of me at this moment in time and maybe even use that as inspiration. Maybe I should see it that way. I will try and give that a go and hopefully the fog will lift soon and return me to my normal state of being.

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