My fascination with trees

I really love trees. I love the forest. Were I grew up there was forest all around us. My dad loved the forest too. We always had dogs and they needed walking three times a day. My dad taught me all the names of the different trees. When I need to calm down and take a breather I feel more comfortable in a forest then by the sea. Well I do live on Portland which is surrounded by the sea, which is also nice, but I guess I feel somehow more comfortable surrounded by trees.

In some ways I envy trees. They are so strongly rooted in one place. it would take a lot to knock them down or move them. I read a book called: “The secret live of trees”, which is very interesting. Especially city trees are not always comfortable were they are and often they are put there by humans, out of there natural habitat. Now when I see a tree in a city I feel their sadness. They don’t like being there. Their roots can’t expand endlessly into the ground, they can’t grow or spread until they feel comfortable. 

When I had some Reiki done a couple of weeks ago I was told that I was not grounded. This is repeated information for me as then same thing was told to me the beginning of the year. When a person is not grounded, or rooted, every little problem can knock them over. They get pushed and knocked around and they are unable to stand their ground. Being rooted, or grounded doesn’t necessarily have something to do with having a fixed home, or place to live. Somebody living in a caravan moving from place to place can be more grounded than me, who lives in a house in a fixed place. It has something to do with personality and my emotional state. Life circumstances make me feel not grounded and my roots are laying bare. To solve this I was told to imagine roots growing out of my feet and angering me into the ground. Also the colour red is associated with the root chakra. I used to love red but nowadays I rely on black when it comes to clothing. I need to change that! I want to be more grounded and rooted, as lately it has become a problem. Not being grounded means that people do push you around. In a way I have to become more edgy and stand my ground and then the respect of others will follow. But that is a whole different can of worms, as I do believe that I have to respect myself before others will respect me…But like I said, that is a whole different an of worms 🐛 

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