A very good friend of mine used this once to explain how work and life should be seen. I tried to draw a little sketch to make it clearer but I am not very good at drawing 😉 Anyway she said that work and life should be seen as two different bubbles. When you are at work you are in the work bubble and your privat life is in the other bubble. And when you are not working you are in the life bubble and should have time for hobbies, your partner and friends and really enjoy life. Lately my work bubble had gotten so big that it was squashing my life bubble almost into non existence. It got to the point were I did none of the things I enjoy and always worked. I didn’t have time for any of my hobbies, my partner or any of the things that bring life back into some sort of balance. I really enjoy writing and photography and having some time in the week to do either or even both has always been very important to me and made me feel like myself again. When I am constantly working I feel the real me gets lost and I just react and function and that throws me off balance. Due to a medical procedure I had to take today and tomorrow off and this has given me time for a breather and come back to me. Today I had the first real chat with my husband about how I have been in the past few weeks. He said that if I wasn’t working I was sleeping. He said that I haven’t laughed or done anything I enjoyed. He said I have cancelled hair dresser appointments and a pedicure, which I usually enjoyed and that he was getting worried that the Britta he knew was disappearing underneath a mountain of work and business. This chat has brought home to me that we should really work to life and not life to work. I should have realised that after the car crash. Lately all my blog posts have been a bit down. Hopefully that will change in the next few weeks, as I am trying to make room for the things I love ❤️ 

3 thoughts on “Work/Life

  1. We missed you at workshop. I guess that was a casualty of work? (Or perhaps the ‘procedure’?) It’s easy for me to say because I stopped working for the man 20 years ago, but if you don’t enjoy THIS life you don’t get a do-over. Get those bubbles sorted, girl! 🙂

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