Book Review: Heaven Is In Here by Hannah Imogen James

I actually bought this book because I am working on a similar project at the moment. I am working on a book where I combine pictures I have taken with short stories or poems I have written. To be honest I found the pictures in this book a bit mediocre. They seem more like snapshots rather than photographs that capture a moment. Capturing a moment is my thing, as you may gather from the title of my website/blog. I also found that some pictures did not really reflect what is said in the poem. There was a poem about a bicycle for example but the picture showed a flower. Well call me pedantic but I find that annoying.                     The book is fairly big and after a while the same rhyming pattern over and over can get very boring in my opinion and I found myself skipping long poems. Another thing is that not all pages are in portrait and for some you have to turn the book on it’s side. Again, this might be just me being pedantic or OCD, but I prefer them all to be in portaging, for continuity sake. I still find it inspirational that she had this idea and went and had a book published, which gives me hope that maybe one day my book with photographs and poems and short stories will be out there and it will all be in portrait I promise 😉

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