My rock

For my dad. Miss you.

You were my silent rock

Solid, tall and strong.

But now you are not there.

And everything seems wrong.
A rock that weathers storms.

When waves come crashing down.

Withstanding all the forces.

Without the slightest frown.
You were my great protector.

Just by being there.

Not many words were needed.

Now silence I can’t bare.
Rocks meant to last for ages.

Your time here went so fast.

I needed your protection.

But it did not last.
A rock has no emotions.

Yet it can mean a lot.

To know you’re always there.

And now you are not.
A rock does not pass judgement.

Is simply rooted in the ground.

And underneath external coldness.

A deep love can be found.
The gap that you have left.

Can not be closed or filled.

I hope you rest in peace now.

And all the storms have stilled.
Life gave you quite battle.

But you fought hard and well.

You’re a part of me forever

And in my heart you dwell.

Picture and word by B.E. Potter © 2017

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