Blue is water. It‘s the sea. Blue is the sky above the sea. Blue is fresh and calming. When I sit by the shore watching the endless sea, it reminds me that there is a whole different world at the other side of the ocean. People that speak a different language and eat different food. Is there maybe a person sitting by the shore wondering about their live?

The waves crashing on the shore, breaking on the pebbly beach. The noise is calming. The rhythm soothes the busy mind. I take deep breaths to open my lungs. My lips taste the salty water. I like it. It makes me feel free. I love the open space. The fresh air is clearing my mind. All the rubbish out and fresh air in.

So,times my mood is blue. More often than not it feels dark blue. I often wonder where that comes from.

Blue isn‘t my favourite colour. That would be purple. I often feel more comfortable with black, but I was told once that black is not a proper colour.

Blue is a good colour to rely on. Very middle of the road. Very traditional in a way. Blue is a solid colour. It‘s a prime colour. It is used to make other colours out of it. Purple is made out of blue. 

Everybody in my family has blue eyes. That‘s how I know we belong together. Blue unites us. 

Blue is meant to be a positive colour. That‘s why I chose it over black. Black would have led me down a whole different path.

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